For Students

Dive headfirst into the NYUAD Slush'd experience, designed exclusively for the fearless, the curious, and the boundary-breakers. Whether you're a rookie ready to rock the startup scene or a seasoned hustler seeking your next big breakthrough, we've got your back!


For Partners

Partners, it's time to step up and embrace the madness. NYUAD Slush'D offers you a front-row ticket to the most daring, unconventional entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Brace yourselves for mind-blowing connections, collaborations, and brand exposure that'll make you the talk of the town.


For Startups


For Volunteers

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Feast on Mind-Bending Talks:
Prepare to be kept on your toes as trailblazing entrepreneurs dish out the juiciest stories of their Million Dollar Mistakes. They'll spill the beans on their biggest blunders and unexpected turns that propelled them to greatness. Their stories will leave you buzzing with ideas, armed with insights, and itching to unleash your own magic upon the world.

Power Up with Workshops:
Forget snooze-worthy seminars and embrace our turbocharged workshops! Brace yourself for high-octane sessions where you'll hack, hustle, and harness your inner creative beast. Dive headfirst into hands-on sessions where you'll learn how to perfect your self-pitch, give and receive feedback, and tackle challenges with the precision of a ninja. Failure will quiver in fear!

Networking Extravaganza:
Rub shoulders with maverick mentors who've walked the treacherous path you're treading. These fearless gurus will be your compass, guiding you through choppy waters, and unlocking doors to invaluable connections. And hey, who knows, you might even meet the investor of your dreams ready to fund your wildest escapades!


Mix and Mingle with Rebel Geniuses:
Prepare to be mind-blown by the bright minds who'll be gracing our stages. Dive into a community of fearless entrepreneurs, rule-breakers, and rule-makers who are rewriting the startup rulebook. Network like there's no tomorrow, strike partnerships that defy gravity and unlock collaboration opportunities that'll make the world gasp.

Your Brand, hand-in-hand with Youth, Sustainability, and Innovation:
Slush’D is where the Buzz is @! NYUAD Slush'd offers unrivaled exposure for brands that dare to be different. From our website to social media madness, we'll amplify your brand's personality and turn heads in every corner of the startup universe.

Spot Tomorrow's Titans:
Discover untapped potential, unearth groundbreaking ideas, and take a leap of faith by investing in the next big thing. Let your brand's financial muscle flex and fuel the dreams of the daring entrepreneurs who are poised to change the world. These fearless, forward-thinking entrepreneurs are ready to redefine industries and change the world as we know it. Invest in their vision, partner up for mutual success, and make a splash in the startup world. The opportunities are as boundless as their audacity!